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Posted on: September 13th, 2014 by Ashton Pools

 Now manufacturing our own Signature 24 Fiberglass Swimming Pool in Canada!

George's PoolGeorge Molnar is pictured here, standing triumphantly, in Ashton Pools first off the mold fiberglass swimming pool. This event marks the culmination of almost a year of research and development, design, mold making and logistics planning. The Signature 24, pictured here is a 14′ x 24′ fiberglass swimming pool with a beautiful shape, sweeping stairs, full length seat for relaxing, convenience ledge for “easy out” anywhere around the pool and a clear swim lane down the center of the pool. The design is original and resulted from evaluating designs from more than 35 fiberglass pool manufacturers from around the world. Our Signature 24 is wider than other similar length fiberglass pools , which enabled us to give it more style and features. We are able to make the pool wider without increasing the price because we are manufacturing right here in the local market. Our pools don’t have to travel hundreds, or thousands of kilometers to get to your door, significantly reducing transportation costs, which can have a major impact on the final price of your pool.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Vanastra, Ontario, about an hour north west of Kitchener, where Ashton Pools has partnered with RTM Solutions. RTM Solutions has more than 25 years of wide ranging experience in the fiberglass industry including yacht building and parts for  transportation, oil and gas, utilities, wind power and many other sectors. RTM is well recognized by clients around the world for their expertise in Resin Transfer Molding. In addition, RTM Solutions is an advanced methods partner with Composites One, the largest supplier of materials, components and technical consulting to the fiberglass industry. It is our intention to develop a world leading, cost effective method of closed molding fiberglass pools in the next 24 months.

In addition to the Signature 24, which is available immediately, we have plans to introduce the Signature 20 and 28, Fantasy 32 and a rectangular Dream 24 and Dream 28 in the next six months.