New Pool Models Available for 2017!

Posted on: March 9th, 2017 by Ashton Pools

We have added more pool models to our lineup. Check out our Magic Grande, Dream 24 and Dream 28 from Imagine Fiberglass Pools. Contact us today for more information about our fiberglass pool designs and ask about booking a free design consultation. Act fast if you want a pool for this summer – we are offering incentives for booking early!

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Book Now for Summer Pool Installations

Posted on: January 18th, 2017 by Ashton Pools

Start planning now if you want to be swimming this summer! We have new models to choose from, including a new 10×20 Magic pool – we love this new larger Magic pool and think you will too.


Come in or call us to find our more about our free design consultations. We will help you determine which pools can work in your backyard and the best way to landscape your backyard.

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Start Planning a Spring Pool Install!

Posted on: January 13th, 2016 by Ashton Pools


Now is the time to start planning a spring pool install. You will have lots of time to plan while making sure your project is top of the list for installation once the warm weather returns. Take advantage of the extra time you will have in the spring to get your permits, make changes to your electrical and gas services, or book other trades and services who get busy when spring weather hits!

New Fiberglass Models Available

Choose from our lineup of locally manufactured fiberglass pools to benefit from HUGE savings. Get free upgrades, no import or shipping charges, and shorter wait times are just three of the reasons you should choose one of our locally made pools over our competition. There are several new models that will be ready for spring, call or drop by our showroom for details!

Be Ready For Spring!

Over the winter and into the early spring you can take advantage of deals on items you may be incorporating into your new backyard, like patio sets, lounges, lighting features and other accessories. You will feel satisfied knowing that you took your time in the decision making process.

Design Services Available

Not sure what to do in your backyard? Want to incorporate special features into your pool design, like a water feature, pergola, fireplace or outdoor kitchen? We can help! We offer 3D design as part of our pool planning process so you know what you are getting before we start digging.

Please contact us to start planning a spring pool install and find out how we can help you build the backyard or your dreams.

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The Magic Pool Is Here!

Posted on: November 13th, 2015 by Ashton Pools

Limited on space? Don’t want a huge pool to maintain? Want the option of using your pool year round? Have you considered a swim spa but don’t really like how they look? We have the Magic solution!

The Magic pool is an architecturally designed 8×20 rectangle pool with a 4′ water depth and features a full length bench along the length, as well as a deeper bench along the width. This design is perfect for lounging, playing and entertaining. The best part is it can be installed just about anywhere! With inground, above ground and partially above ground options, this pool can be incorporated into most existing backyard layouts, and even backyards where a slope would make a pool hard to install.

Magic Pool Partial In Ground Magic Pool In Ground

Better Than A Swim Spa!

Many people like the idea of installing a swim spa instead of a pool – its a hot tub and a pool! You don’t have to excavate! You can use it year round! But there are a few downsides to owning a swim spa. Most swim spas do not have a separate swim area and spa area, which means you have to choose between using it like a pool or a hot tub – you really can’t swim in 100 degree water, and you probably don’t want to relax in 85 degree water. Most swim spas use 5.5kW electric heaters, which are slow to heat the water and are expensive to operate year round. The swim spa models that do feature separately heated swim and spa areas tend to have a $30K price tag – wow! You can install an inground pool for that price! In contrast, our Magic fiberglass pools can be heated with a gas heater, which can increase your water temperature from 85 to 100 in less than 2 hours at a much lower cost. This means you can use your pool all day and easily heat it up by evening if you would like to relax.

The other trouble with swim spas is that they stick out like a sore thumb in a typical backyard landscape, similar to any above ground pool. Homeowners usually need to install decking or a platform to access the water, which can also look unappealing. Installing a swim spa partially in the ground is difficult and not recommended, but our Magic pool can be installed either in the ground, above the ground or anywhere in between to match up with existing decks and patios to give a built-in look. With square corners, a flat top ledge and an modern architectural design, this pool is designed to improve the look of your backyard landscape and can be easily finished with standard landscaping materials –  surround it with wood, stone, concrete, or any other type of deck and siding material. This pool is a true DIY project for anyone who knows how to install a deck.

Come see this new pool design in our showroom today! Fast and easy installs mean you can be swimming in just a few days!