Add Magic to Your Project

Magic Pool Partial In GroundMagic Pool In Ground

Is my backyard too small for a pool? Will the slope in my yard require an expensive retaining wall? The access to my yard is limited, will excavating for a pool cost more? Can I install a fiberglass pool partially or completely out of the ground?

These are just some of the questions you may be asking yourself now that you want to install a fiberglass swimming pool. If you can relate to any of the above questions, we may have the magic solution for your backyard!

What is the Magic Pool?

The Magic pool is an architectural plunge pool featuring clean lines and a 4’3″ constant depth. It is available in two different sizes, either 8′ x 16′ or 8′ x 20′, providing you with lots of space to lounge, play and cool down on a hot day. With two different levels of bench seating and built in steps, this pool is the ultimate hangout spot for your friends and family.

This pool is different than any fiberglass pool you’ve seen before. The Magic Pool can be placed in the ground, as you’d expect, but it can also be installed above the ground! This type of installation is helpful to many people who may have considered pool ownership impossible at their location. Both pictures shown above are pools installed on a typical 35′ x 100′ residential lot.

Imagine a backyard that’s on a hill or has otherwise uneven terrain. Other pools could not be installed in such a setting without extensive grading, retaining walls and other expensive construction. The Magic can be installed partly in ground and partly out of the ground, saving thousands of dollars!

Newer homes on smaller city lots also pose a challenge when wanting to install a pool. Digging equipment typically requires at least 6 feet of unobstructed access to the backyard unless small or specialized equipment is used, and this can increase the cost of excavation significantly. By installing the pool partially or completely above ground, very little excavation is required and large machinery does not need to be used, again saving you thousands of dollars. Many homes have existing elevated wood patios, where a pool this size and design can be installed beside, making it both visually attractive and easy to access.

Benefits of Choosing a Fiberglass Pool

Let there be no doubt that we consider fiberglass the ultimate medium for pool construction. Not only is it strong and durable, but it is also beautiful. Here are some of the things that make the Magic so desirable:

Benefits of a fiberglass pool

The shimmering gel coat that we use as the finish on our pools is a proven crowd pleaser. Gel coat is resistant to both chemicals and salt, and cannot be punctured by pets, wild animals, furniture or other sharp objects that could inadvertently wind up in the pool. This long lasting surface is the greenest option for swimming pools as you are not sending old liners to landfills or exposing yourself to the toxic chemicals required to refinish painted pools.

The design of the Magic pool also makes it a DIY project for anyone with landscaping ability.

We are excited to introduce this revolutionary new fiberglass pool. We think it’s Magic!

A pool is a large investment and you have a lot of things to consider before plunking down your hard earned cash, so we want to help you learn the things you need to know to make the best decision for your family.